Erie, Colorado

Things to Know About Erie

Erie, Colorado Erie is a community which recognizes the importance of conserving and enhancing its historic small town character, the roots from which it grew, preserving the natural environment in which it resides; a caring community which offers its residents an environment in which to seek a high quality of life; a balanced community with a diverse range of housing, employment, educational, shopping and recreational opportunities; and a vital community which provides financial and social support for quality of life programs.

10 Things to Know About Erie

    1. Erie is situated in the heart of Colorado’s major economic and population centers and in close proximity to world-class research and academic institutions.
    2. Erie is a full-service community that provides state of the art infrastructure and support to our corporate and retail business partners.
    3. Erie is experiencing substantial growth and is expected to have a population of 31,035 by the year 2023.
    4. Erie is located in both Boulder and Weld counties.
    5. The original plat for Erie was filed in 1871, following the establishment of the Briggs Mine, the first commercial coal mine in Weld County. Until that time, surface coal had been delivered to its customers by horse and wagon.
    6. The first jail was built in Erie in 1876.
    7. Erie was named one of the Safest Cities in Colorado in 2020.  With a violent crime rate just under 1 offense per 1,000 people, Erie’s violent crime is just one-quarter of statewide levels.
    8. Mount Pleasant Cemetery is the oldest historic place still standing in Erie and is one of the last remaining prairie cemeteries in the United States.
    9. Erie has become a leader in sustainability by providing outreach and leadership to support the economical growth and engage the community while protecting it’s natural environment.
    10. Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services for the Town of Erie and surrounding area are provided by contract with Mountain View Fire Rescue.

Information Credit:
Town of Erie

Quick Facts about Erie

Population – 2019: 27,003
Median Age: 37
Median Household Income: $116,860
Licensed Businesses:  3,456
Average Cost of Single Family Home: $540,000
Incorporated Square Miles: 48
Acres of Parks and Open Space: 1,300
Operating Budget – 2020: $115,712,300
Households: 9,912
School Districts: Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley School Districts
Town of Property Tax Mill Levies for 2019: 15.01
Top Private Employer: King Soopers (250)
Top Public Employer: St. Vrain Valley School Dist. (3,543)

Information credit:
Town of Erie
United States Census Bureau

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