Berthoud, Colorado

Things to Know About Berthoud

Berthoud is a growing town located in Northern Colorado. Nicknamed the Garden Spot of Colorado, it is situated north of the Little Thompson River, 21 miles south of Fort Collins and 43 miles north of Denver along the Front Range Urban Corridor.

10 Things to Know About Berthoud

    1. Berthoud’s nickname is the “Garden Spot of Colorado” based on its small-town feel, mountain views, open space and beautiful parks with an abundance of trees.
    2. Originally called Little Thompson, Berthoud was renamed after Edward L. Berthoud, who had surveyed the rail route through the valley.
    3. The original town was relocated one mile north to it’s present location in 1883-1884 due to the steam-powered locomotives an difficulty in ascending out of the valley of the Little Thompson creek.
    4. Berthoud has it’s own transportation system known at BATS (Berthoud Area Transportation System) which provides transportation services with Berthoud and the surrounding Loveland and Longmont areas.
    5. Berthoud has a long standing tradition of celebrating the town.  It’s called Berthoud Day and is celebrated on the first Saturday of June.
    6. The four schools in Berthoud,  Berthoud Elementary, Ivy Stockwell Elementary, Turner Middle School and Berthoud High School are part of the Thompson School District.
    7. Berthoud contracts with the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement services.
    8. Harley’s Dream is an organization founded in Berthoud that was established in 2016 in honor of Harley, a senior one-eyed puppy mill survivor who became the face and voice of the puppy mill dogs.  Berthoud became the first municipality in Colorado to ban the sale of puppy mill dogs.
    9. The Greenlawn Cemetery was founded in the 1880s and was purchased by the town’s early settlers, Davis Baxter, Lewis Cross and John Kerr. Berthoud took over management of the cemetery in 1905.
    10. Berthoud has long been known as an agricultural community with harvests of alfalfa, sugar beets, wheat, corn, and barley.

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Town of Berthoud
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Quick Facts about Berthoud

Population – 2019: 9,094
Median Age: 40.3
Median Household Income: $72,849
Licensed Businesses:  360
Average Cost of Single Family Home: $422,455
Incorporated Square Miles: 13.08
Operating Budget – 2020: $10,329,595
Households: 2,652
School Districts: Thompson Valley School District

Information credit:
Town of Berthoud
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